Visit Mohammed VI is ' unprecedented historical event '

The visit of King Mohammed VI to Tanzania, according to the Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs a ' unprecedented historical event '.

The visit of King Mohammed VI to Tanzania is "an unprecedented historical event for this East African country," said Tanzanian Foreign Minister, Augustine Mahiga, according to the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP)."We are obviously very happy with the visit of the King of Morocco that will enable both countries to forge deeper relationships, thanks to the political ties between the Kingdom of Morocco and president John Magufuli, paving the way for broader economic cooperation has opened, "Mahiga told the press during the occasion of the official visit of the King to Tanzania.The Tanzanian Minister said in this regard, that during the visit a number of cooperation agreements will be recorded in a variety of areas, such as aviation, tourism, infrastructure and energy. He expressed his hope that this visit will contribute to the flow of Moroccan investment to Tanzania.Referring to the opening of a Moroccan Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Mahiga said that his country will soon open a Consulate General in Morocco.He added that political relations between Morocco and Tanzania date back to the years 1960, at the time of the late Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere and King Mohammed V, who made important links related to the African independence movement have maintained.

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