Terror alert at the border of Ceuta and Melilla

Foreign intelligence services have the Spanish and Moroccan authorities alerted about a serious terrorist threat.

According to the newspaper Al Massae would the Moroccan and Spanish authorities warnings of foreign intelligence services have received about the threat of terrorist actions by Daesh focused on Ceuta and Melilla.These potential terrorist attacks would be prepared and the would include Christmas festivities that about almost 2 months will take place. They would, according to Al Massae, targeted at sensitive places.The warnings from foreign intelligence services have the Spanish and Moroccan authorities forced to monitor the flow of people that move through the air and land borders.According to Al Massae, complicates travel for this increased surveillance Moroccans who live in cities like Tetouan and Nador and who have always enjoyed easy access to Ceuta and Melilla.Morocco always works closely with Spain in the fight against terrorism. The intelligence services of the two countries have repeated large-scale operations conducted to both terrorist cells in Morocco as in Spain. And this collaboration continues with a regular exchange of information on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea.