Four-year sentence for attacking Dutch tourist in Morocco

The Court in Fes has a man to 4 years in prison convicted of attacking a 22 year old Dutch tourist with a razor.

Two weeks after the fact, the Court has struck down a ruling quickly of Fes. Akhbar Al Yaoum today reports that the man was sentenced to 4 years in prison.The case goes back to the beginning of this month, when the convicted two Dutch tourists saw passing in the medina, of which one in particular attention by her beautiful curves. Akhbar Al Yaoum reports that the man first tried to exchange words with the Dutch, but because he knows no foreign languages, they could not understand each other. The man then decides to follow them in the narrow alleys of the medina.The newspaper added that the man indeed has gone too far. He had a razor which he tore the pants of the Dutch, because he wanted to admire her curves. Exactly as he had done in the past with other women.At the time he wanted to rip the pants, he cut off also in the woman's body. After this resulted in a large wound that bled, violently hit the man panicked and fled away.In a telephone interview with the newspaper told the young Dutch that she welcomes the Court ruling, but find that given the punishment should have been much heavier.