Morocco national hero Zack d.

Morocco is the national hero Ahmed Zack lost, the man who the murder of Hassan II.

During the attempted coup of 1971 played Skhirat Ahmed Zafar, who died Thursday at 84, a lead role. At that time active as a person concerned to the Governor of Tangier had Zack a large share in preventing the murder of King Hassan II.

Two leading men in the Moroccan Army, Lieutenant General Mohamed Medbouh, Florentino Ababou and planned an assassination attempt on the King during his 42nd birthday. This murder would take place in his palace in Skhirat, something away from capital Rabat. Following the attack on the Royal Palace and the occupation of the local radio and television stations pulled Zack to a radio station in Tangier to the coup attempt to the people.

Risking their lives said the following on the radio about Zack the coup attempt: ' Hassan II is still King of Morocco and the Kingdom will not perish. '

This ruling took Zack eventually Lieutenant a death threat that failure nevertheless remained.

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