VoIP ban Morocco of the course ahead of COP22 Conference

Morocco returns from her choice to VoIP calls in the ban.

Since January it was in Morocco, with most providers, no longer possible to VoIP calls. VoIP, better known as internet telephony what most in the form of WhatsApp Messenger or Skype, was not more possible if you don't have the right applications to bypass the blockade. Now, according to different sources, it seems to be Moroccan ban quietly lifted by the overarching body that regulates the telephone traffic (ARNT).

This change seems to be the result of a report which has recently been published. An American Agency which monitors technological innovation has calculated that the Moroccan economy since this prohibition around 320 million euros has gone wrong. Moreover, that Morocco's three largest phone providers (Maroc Telecom, Meditel and Inwi) a lot of criticism and complaints about. There would be massive even called for a boycott of these providers.

It is recommended to the consumers who bypass the blockade even through VPN still not off. Allegedly the ARNT the blockade have lifted only because of the approaching COP22 Conference, held in Marrakech from 7 to 18 november. This Conference will include those involved in the United Nations in order to discuss environmental issues.