Student in Rabat lights himself on fire

On a terrible way tried to deprive a student of life.

According to a local source in Rabat, Al Wilaya, recently a 22-year-old student a frantic attempt to suicide. The student who in the presence of the Executive Board of the school visited his mother didn't come with them. It would reportedly to removal of the training or a late registration.

Despite the proposal of the Executive Board to, according to the regulations, an expert review the case to let the student was not convinced. Strong yet, in a hysterical State of mind, took out the student a bottle of flammable liquid under his clothes he himself back empty come from gutter and fired himself.

After a scuffle with the security officer of the educational institution he was also caught by the flames. Later, after to be drained by an ambulance, bleaching his injuries. The student had, however, suffered third degree burns and is currently being treated at the Ibn free Wi hospital in Casablanca.

abdellah guennoun