Students Casablanca to blows with teacher

Where it used to be the teachers were distributed, it was this time that the other way around in Casablanca.

At a high school in Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca got a teacher suffering. The teacher who coincidentally along two students ran that were working on a sports field, spoke them accordingly. Since them there at that time he had ordered them to leave no class.

The students refused and started really the teacher in front of many other students from scolding. At one point, escalated the situation so bad, despite that bystanders tried to appease the whole thing, that the duo on the fist went with the teacher. There would be more than once full in his face are removed then the two it.

By the great commotion was soon to find out who the culprits were. The Director left it there not by sitting and complained to them for assaulting an employee, according to the Moroccan Assabah medium.

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