Morocco's main BCIJ declared success in the fight against Daesh

Abdelhak El Khiyama, head of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, recently gave an interview in which he the success of Morocco in the fight against Daesh explained.

In the interview run El Khiyama Morocco's security services as the reason for Morocco's successful track record in the foiling of Daesh attacks.El Khiyame explained that Daesh has started to focus on dormant cells in Morocco who try to prevent them monitored by the police. According to El Khiyame all these plans are thwarted as a direct result of the Moroccan integrated approach, a combination of security and social and economic aspects.In an attempt to deceive, the Moroccan authorities has recruited terrorists from Daesh different nationalities. This was the case with the Chadian Abu El Batul who wanted to establish a Daesh branch in Morocco with the help of some Algerians, told El Khiyame. Morocco has, however, proven to be insensitive for such attempts.In another effort to vary the strategies in Morocco, has also Daesh underage girls recruited to commit terrorist attacks. Several cells throughout Morocco are discovered and dismantled. This was among other things in locations such as Kenitra, Sidi Sliman, Sale, Tangiers, Oulad Teima and Zagora, reports Moroccoworldnews.Was recently in Sidi Taibi, a town near Kenitra, a female cell with ten minor members broken up. According to El Khiyame, the girls showed no signs of fear to be held as a result of "extreme brainwashing."

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