Director Telecoms Regulator dismissed Morocco

The mysterious lifting the VoIP prohibition in Morocco has its toll.

Many Moroccan looked weird on Monday when the VoIP ban, which has been in force since January, without any media coverage was lifted. Since January this year blocked the telecom regulator of Morocco, ARNT, all incoming and outgoing telephone calls via internet connections to be made. So it was not possible to temporarily with Moroccan family or friends via WhatsApp to make telephone calls.

Shortly after this block showed that through various roads (apps and VPN) it was possible to circumvent this blockade. Nevertheless, kept the ARNT stand firm and left the ban intact. But after a report released by an American Agency what telecom monitors in different countries, pulled the ARNT its conclusions. It turned out that Morocco as much as 320 million dollars in revenue was lost by this measure.

After the lifting of the flowed Monday in Morocco full of comments. The belief prevailed that ARNT the lifting only had continued because of the approaching COP22 environmental conference in Marrakech. From home and abroad will come to delegates to discuss environmental issues in the world.

Now reports the Moroccan media Medias24 that the main responsibility at the ARNT, Director Freya Mah Billah, finally out 12(2). An official confirmation is yet to follow.

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