Arnold Schwarzenegger attended COP22 in Morocco

The famous actor, producer, activist and former Governor COP22 on november 14, will present at the climate conference in Marrakesh.

Schwarzenegger has long been active in the fight against climate change and called it "the problem of our time" at a Conference in Munich last year. But he loves it not only at talk.In 2010, he founded R20 Regions of Climate Action on, a non-profit organization working to "promotion and implementation of projects designed to address the local economic and environmental benefits in the form of lower energy consumption and emissions of to produce greenhouse gases; strong local economies; improvement of public health; and new green jobs ", according to R20's official website.Other celebrities of which it is expected that they will attend the COP22 Conference are Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono, Akon, Maradona and Robert Redford, reports Moroccoworldnews.