Wilders does not come to his lawsuit

Geert Wilders does not come to the court hearings of its own process about his pronunciation ' less Moroccans '. That writes the PVV leader Friday in an open letter.

It is a striking step because he was present at his first trial to defend themselves as the champion of free speech. Wilders sees the new lawsuit as a political process. "I refuse to work," said the politician. "About political views should be spoken in the second Room and not in court".

In the letter reiterates Wilders that he finds that he has said nothing wrong and he calls it a "travesty" that he is right. "Millions of Dutch people want fewer . It is my right and my duty as a politician to speak about problems in our country. " Wilders that he entrusts his defense completely to his lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops, according to Wilders "the best lawyer of Netherlands".

The trial against Wilders because of discrimination, insult and hate starts Monday. At the introductory sessions in this process let the politician several times already know that he feels that his statements about ' less ' no different than what he has preached in his previous PVV election platforms.

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