Poverty plaguing especially Morocco countryside

Morocco is going in the right direction, just notice not the whole country some of it.

In a recently released report by the Office of the High Commissioner in Morocco is relatively clear that the country has improved considerably. Where between 2001 and 2014 more than 30% decrease has been detected on the poverty level, this development is almost alone in crowded areas in the Kingdom.

In rural areas and poverty is also what other sparsely populated areas while off, however are the consequences in socio-economic terms is far from ideal. Where the malfunctioning of poverty in the city on 7.9% is fixed in the countryside, knows with a percentage of up to 19.4%. There is assumed to be a total number of 1.6 million Moroccans who are in absolute poverty and the 4.2 million that what lesser consequences experienced.

With a rate of about 40% when the total area is countryside in Morocco calls the leader of the Office of the Commissioner, Ahmed Alami, this progress worrying.