Brother killed fishmonger: ' Social media full of lies and political manipulation '

The brother of Jamie Fair, which last Friday night after he died chasing his confiscated goods jumped, a statement given to 2 m

The video report that yesterday afternoon was broadcast on 2M's afternoon news shows Mohsen's brother in front of the House of the family surrounded by neighbors and family members. He said: "this was definitely a huge shock for the family, the neighbors, and everyone who knew him."The brother of the victim added that the family is concerned about the right course on the tragic death of Basel Fair, because the family personal guarantees of the Minister of the Interior had received that the issue will be examined."We are satisfied with the assurances of the Minister of Justice that the investigations will take their normal course in connection with the incident and that any official who the blood of my brother to his hands, will be held responsible," said the brother.The brother stressed that the family will give a detailed explanation in which the circumstances of the incident based on the testimony of "reliable witnesses" will be displayed to "clarify how the incident has actually taken place, without the political manipulations and the lies that are spread through social media. "The video is here:

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