Princess Lalla Salma attended international Congress against cancer

Not only in Morocco but also internationally shows Princess Lalla Salma her involvement in the fight against cancer.

Princess Lalla Salma attended yesterday the world's most great Congress in the fight against cancer. The Princess is very active in Morocco with her organization committed against the killing disease, but yesterday they showed so also its international involvement. The Congress was organized by the UICC (Union internationale contre le cancer) and knew the presence of many leading medici, politicians and all sorts of other interests that are committed to the fight against the deadly disease.

The Congress was opened by French president Francois Hollande and awarded in addition also the presence of, among others, the Princess of Jordan, Dina Mired. The share of Lalla Salma in this event involved a number of presentations about the severity of the disease worldwide with which they wanted to demonstrate the seriousness of the current situation.

lalla salma