Badr Hari far from at its mouth cases during press conference (video)

The pot where everyone is waiting for, there was made the press conference by place, and what for one.

On 10 december, then plays kick bokskampioen Badr Hari as possible last batch. The martial artist seemed at first to have to play until finally his gloves him a very interesting proposal was done. Another big name in the sport, Rico Verhoeven, gave to table by the Ziggo sports program Pep Talk to a game of wanting to play against Hari and challenged him on live television.

Not so long after that left Hari through social media channels know the challenge. ' Challenge accepted ' the post on his instagram account, the wait was only a organizer that the pot itself well and a date. Now known to Glory among other things these races and the gala on 10 december in the German Oberhausen, was left only a press conference prior to this pot.

And what a press conference, a true psychological spectacle in which Badr Hari had clearly prevailed. Empowering as we always know him was Rico Verhoeven just the opposite. The Dutchman kept in him and one could even occasionally catch on that he came out of his very difficult words. Was clear that Hari this party very very seriously and only the profit counts.

So arrogant and cocky as we know Badr, he let that also at the end of the press conference. Where normally all opponents do a ' staredown ' with each other, ran Hari without even saying something from the Chamber. It would be may indicate that he has absolutely no fears for Verhoeven. Verhoeven himself responded, rightly, of course, with that this action was disrespectful. When Hari was by a journalist still Hall resulted ' coward ' nageroepen.

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