Ali B raises the bar always high

For Ali B is only the best is good enough. "I want to do everything at top level, that requires a lot of focus," says the rapper, comedian, presenter and talent coach Wednesday in the Telegraph.

Ali also wanted Ali B at full speed with its program a step further. In the new season, that starting from Wednesday evening can be seen on NPO 3, rappers and ' golden oldies ' together a night to get to know each other even better. New in this series is also an English-language song that was made with Johnny Logan. "I dream of an episode with Bob Dylan and Kanye West."

Becoming a step up sometimes demands its toll. "I would be lying if I say that everything goes off without a hitch. There is a lot of stress and constant pressure around me. But stress has never successfully brought me so I try to remain calm. "

Ali finds it ' almost scary that it's all '. "Especially because it is such a contrast with where I come from. I am melancholic. "

ali b
at full speed