Kahn: history challenge is repeating itself

Citing a previous successful challenge in the first trial of Geert Wilders in his counsel has the wrakings 2010 Chamber of the Court of the Hague Friday morning formally asked Judge Cynthia Rens van to exempt its task.

Also in that first process was according to Wilders ' counsel Geert-Jan Knoops has been the appearance of bias. Kahn drew a parallel with the events of the time, in which, according to him, just as there was now "by a judge who posited a theorem and an incorrect, at least selective interpretation of the case law gave".

In his wrakings he not only denounced the request "error of law" by Vidal, but also the way in which expert witness Paul Cliteur Thursday by judge of Rabbani was questioned and "tricked".

The wrakings Chamber of the Court of the Hague, composed of judges of the Court should view or North Holland, Vieira may judge the ' less-' award of Wilders. The wrakings room strives Friday afternoon. The prosecution responds later in the day.

Vidal has informed in a written statement to want to stay on as a judge in this case. They would have incorrect mistakenly quoted from a judgment of the Supreme Court on a criminal case because of anti-gay statements of the Amsterdam politician Delano Fa.

In that judgment the Supreme Court added "statements that incite intolerance" to the restrictions on freedom of expression for politicians. However, the Supreme Court referred the case back to the Court, that Fa later on other grounds. As a result, according to Kain no established case-law, such as Vidal would have suggested.

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