New generation important for Ali B

Ali B has for the emergence of its first album in ten years out of a total different tune tapped. The rapper worked with a whole new generation of artists.

According to Ali were those artists ' very important ' for the plate. "They are young adult and have a need to make music. It is pure and spontaneous, "said the rapper.

On ' A little bit of luck ', largely produced by Jack $hirak, includes collaborations with Ronnie Flex, Mr. Polska, Nielson, Patricia Mae Alias, Crook and Weird. Thanks to that surprising combinations is the album become a versatile plate, Ali. "I want to always continue to surprise and that, I believe, did manage."

Ali, who in 2006 released his last plate hats off, announced his album last november already. "I made music in Ali B on full blast and in between what songs associated with a project. But as a rapper, as a musician you should then again even believe on an album, "he said back then.

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