Saudi Arabia stops free visas for Umrah Morocco

The tourism sector of Morocco runs a great risk with the coming policy of Saudi Arabia.

Umrah-travel are hugely popular with the Moroccans in Morocco. Given the small number of vacations to Europe or other places one chooses a lot for this number two variant of the Holy Hajj pilgrimage. Now it seems, according to L'Economiste, Saudi Arabia there to throw a spanner in the works.

To the number of Umrah-goers something to push back the Government plans would have to stop the free visa for the trip. What formerly was free of charge should now around 5,000 dirhams. A huge line through the account for travel agencies and the like in Morocco who earn their income by 60% for about these trips. The total market for these trips in Morocco covers a slorige 1.8 billion dirham.

Tour operators and travel companies are now busy negotiating with hotel organizations or they want to the travellers in the cost of the visa.

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