Several days of winter cold on arrival

Get next week Tuesday and Wednesday winter traits. It can be local 5 to 6 degrees go freezing and in East and South-East of the country is possible, snow reports back online.

"The temperatures do earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday to a winter day in January thinking than to a fall day at the beginning of november", expect the weather bureau. During the day it is not warmer than a degree or 5 and in Groningen even but 3 degrees. at night there is extensive talk of frost.

The last time it was so cold around this time, was in 2003. Then froze the end October already about 8 degrees. That is quite a bit different than the 20 degrees above zero last year and two years ago was measured.

The cold is short lived. Thursday is already a degree or 8 and from Friday, the temperature in the West up to 10-12 degrees.