CAI provides assist to debut Cardiff City (video)

Been back from Marouane Chamakh was again yesterday afternoon of value for his new club.

After long have stood along the sidelines has Marouane Chamakh is again trending upward. The international is now under contract at Cardiff City, the club picked up him a free transfer after his contract not extended Crystal Palace. Only well after the summer Rush got presented with this option. Nevertheless, the attacker immediately make themselves heard at his official debut for the tweededivisionist.

In the away match against Newcastle United approached after pouncing on the preparatory work of the Cai did his club. It is pay attention here in the short summary, but keep your look well targeted on the penalty area.

[video = youtube; G5o3F5Wj-H8] v = G5o3F5Wj-H8 [/video]

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