Maradona: ' long live the King, long live Morocco, long live Africa! ' (video)

Diego Maradona is returned in Morocco, as happy as he is.

Tomorrow the 41st celebration of the Green March, the day on which the Sahara Morocco got back at the expense of the Spanish colonial occupation. On the orders of former King Hassan II went there hundreds of thousands of Moroccans risk their lives to challenge the occupation, and with success. Soon gave Spain the occupation and Morocco since then whisk the scepter over the area, with still to this day the wrangling of Polisario resistance movement supported by the Algerians.

Nevertheless, the vote tomorrow is a day when only celebrations will determine. A special-guest for this day is Diego Maradona that the Green March for the second time. During a special press conference, among other things, the Moroccan Football Federation dropped the old world star on this day. Tomorrow he will during a gala game with numerous other former football players the renovated Sheikh Mohamed Laghdaf Stadium open.

Maradona indicates very pleased with his return in Morocco. To his love for the country he even declared: ' long live the King, long live Morocco, long live Africa! '

Check below the short version of the press conference: [video = youtube; 8TKRxU4eMis] v = 8TKRxU4eMis [/video]

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