Moroccan intelligence services extra alert

The Moroccan intelligence services are extra alert after decoding encrypted conversations between members of Daesh in which they talk about planned attacks in different countries.

The past few days have been the Moroccan intelligence services extra alert, Al Massae today. In encrypted discussions talked about members of Daesh advanced plans for terrorist attacks. The Moroccan services are actively working with their European counterparts, including the French and the Spaniards, in imitation of these threads were held via Whatsapp.The terrorist network used for some time encryption of their messages by applications that make this possible, such as Whatsapp and Telegram. One of the worrying the authorities, discussions in that discussion was talk of imminent terrorist attacks in a number of European countries. Al Massae reported that the Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian intelligence services recently traded a secret report with detailed information about planned terrorist attacks.