Police officer in Safi offends American tourist

In Safi accused an American tourist at the Embassy to insult by a Moroccan agent.

In the coastal town of Safi is currently a research, commissioned by a higher police boss, to the insult of an American tourist. With a tourist boat arrived at the port of Safi she got it to stick with an agent. This forbade her to sail the port of Safi in, after which they entered the city on foot. Upon your return, it went from bad to worse and she was stopped again by the same agent. At this confrontation would over and over again insults are cases, according to the Moroccan medium Al Akhbar.

After her complaint to have done at the American Embassy, most likely by telephone, one has within the police action taken. The boss of the veiligheidstak of the umbrella police organization DGSN-DGST would be a special investigations at this incident. For several hours the agent in question would have been answered. What is the result of bestrafd is and whether the agent will be is still unclear.

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