Orange is for 2017 Meditel completely over

Morocco's second largest provider will soon be in French hands.

Even before the beginning of next calendar year will be the Moroccan Meditel fully taken over by Orange, the boss of the group that about the region Africa. Bruno Mettling says the company has developed itself perfectly in the field of mobile telephony, the goal is to go down this same path to go for the fixed telephone line.

In 2010 Orange took about 40% of the shares of Meditel over for the messy amount of 640 million euros. The value of those shares is now estimated at over 300 million. Last year it was already announced a complete takeover of the Moroccan provider wanted to go and the amount would be reserved for what was estimated to be 72 million euros. This acquisition fits in with the efforts of Orange to get more and more set foot in Africa, currently reaches the number of customers on the continent to 100 million (mainly Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal and Mali).

Even before one can speak about the full acquisition, it must be approved by the Moroccan Telecoms Regulator ANRT.