Maradona: I'm not paid to participate in the Green March Gala

Diego Armando Maradona said he has not been paid to take part in the Green March Gala and people that say otherwise: "lying."

The Argentine football legend has it all shut down rumors that he would be paid last weekend to take part in the Green March Gala. The Green March Gala took place in Laayoune for the celebration of the 41-year-old anniversary of the Moroccan Green Mars.A number of media sources had claimed that Maradona had received a total of 2 million dirham paid for his participation in the gala game, reports Le360.But Maradona has now refuted these claims. "Those who give that information are liars. I am not come to Morocco for the money but because I have a lot of this country love. I will return every time if I get a chance, especially if it is to celebrate the anniversary of the Green March ".This was not the first visit by Maradona to Morocco and also not the first time he attended the anniversary of the Green March Gala. Last year he still danced on folk music outside of the Laayoune Stadium, the video of which was widespread. And if you have that video was not seen, then we share that came with this one more time:[video = youtube; ev4ZxfS6Fwc] v = ev4ZxfS6Fwc [/video]

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