Baby: sugar subsidy away for direct benefits to orphans and widows

The subsidisation of sugar in Morocco will soon on the shovel.

The Prime Minister of Morocco, if we are to believe Baby, Duncan is a major policy change on the program. The plan is to get a huge amount from the Compensatiepot to make a reservation, the amount by which sugar is subsidized, for direct benefits to orphans and widows. The government subsidises the people cater for years necessary foods like sugar and flour. Alone for sugar is this such a 200 billion dirham.

This amount would then go to benefit needy as orphans, widows and the disabled. A concrete form for this new policy has not yet been. What's up with the price of sugar seems to be going to happen and how to prevent an explosive increase of, there are as yet no appropriate measures for affected. It is clear that, if this plan through, the Moroccan will cost a lot of money yearly.

Last year, more than 1.2 million tonnes of sugar was consumed, 56% of this was subsidised.

sugar baby