Senegalese newspaper: "Morocco moves forward '

That things are going better with Morocco is one also noticed elsewhere.

King Mohamed VI has already visited a lot of countries during his tour of Africa. The frost did include Senegal, the country from where he also did the speech on the occasion of the celebration of the Green March of 41 years ago. In the country itself is very impressed with how Morocco develops and what important share Mohammed VI in it, so did the Senegalese daily Le Soleil.

The newspaper praises the role of the King: ' With Mohammed VI runs in Morocco, it's an excellent diplomat, hard worker, someone with business sense and more importantly he has a tight and ambitious vision. Ever since that the King succeeded his father goes step by step getting better with the country. With all the investments and collaborations it has strengthened its position in Africa. '

' Morocco a country which is at the forefront ', the editor of Le Soleil.

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