Terreurcel rolled up in Oujda and Tangier

The Moroccan authorities have once again taken.

Both in Oujda and Tanger have been recently arrested four members of a terreurcel. The suspects would allegedly, reports the Home Secretary, already known in the judicial files. One of the four was previously convicted of murder while another was earlier in a case of international drug trafficking. The third suspect, by whom the cell came to be on the rader, maintained contacts with other cells in Europe. They kept engaged in the armed struggle in Syria and Iraq.

What exactly those arrested charged will be placed is not yet published, this in importance of the still ongoing investigation. The last time the Moroccan security services are busy tracking down such sympathizers of terrorism in Morocco, there is a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of terror.

The service that this kind of arrests and investigations is the BCIJ, in the street scene recognizable by their heavy equipment.