Demonstration at Trump for the door

Several thousand people have Saturday in New York for the entrance of Trump Tower demonstrated against the election of the Republican Donald Trump to new American president.

The news channel CNN have spoken of a protest March, but it was not clear where the protesters were gone. The Trump Tower is on the famous Fifth Avenue, on the corner of 56th Street in Manhattan.

Also in other cities repeated itself the scene of recent days with spontaneous anti-Trumpbijeenkomsten. Except in New York, there are large, organised demonstrations later in the day on the program in Los Angeles and Chicago. On Facebook said 100,000 people coming to one of those cities. Anywhere in the United States once again echoed the slogan ' not my president! '.

In Portland in the State of Oregon was in the night of Friday to Saturday at a protest a man shot. He was seriously injured. It is not known who is responsible.

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