Meager Morocco let chance of lead are against Côte d'Ivoire (video)

Like any qualifying series of Morocco will again count blown.

Against expectations, the Moroccan national football team not a similar atmosphere as five years ago against Algeria (ed. 4-0 profit). Where previously announced was that the Grand Stade de Marrakech was completely sold out, what best can be true, one could notice enough bruises in the stadium. The whole paste actually quite a bit with the rest of the evening, a contest where little initiative originated from and where one could conclude that there is still a long way to go for Morocco.

With a lot of injuries, both defensively and offensively, coach Hervé Renard had to make do with what he had against the team what he made champion of Africa less than two years ago. However, the injury was not one-sided, Ivory Coast also had to do without a number of key players. Just like any new trainer at the Moroccan team is his debut gloss richer than the rest of his employment.

Renard began his bondscoachschap at Morocco with two simple victories against a serious opponent on paper, Cape Verde. In terms of selection policy he differed not very of its predecessor, except that he every now and then a player between bank and basic let commute. Anyway, what the Moroccan national football team last night to build up, combinations, kanscreatie and dominance showed was flawed.

During the encounter, which in the initial phase for both teams was still a bit scan, one could no system or game method. The attempts at goals that were there you could count on one hand, the odds were most pronounced for Málaga CF striker Youssef and Ali Tannane-Nesyri and you can only give a sufficient for his initiative, Balding Sofiane actions and for giving balls.

Morocco is fortunate still that Gabon is a goalless draw against Mali. As shared second in the group, with four matches to go, chances are not yet vergooid. It will, however, provided that Morocco is maintained by injuries, a hell of a chore to this unstructured entirely at WORLD CUP-ganger. Also the national coach gave this to itself in the press conference after the match game.

The French man admitted that the lack of Eagles in midfield was clearly visible. ' Beyond the fact that this result was not favourable, we must also realize that we are in a difficult group. The team lacks speed and ability, I have goals and the team time. The odds are certainly not yet lost, we will do everything to make Ivory Coast beyond. '

For those who have not seen the match, the summary is a good illustration of the entire run of play. [video = youtube; nZCBZxWGrUk] v = nZCBZxWGrUk [/video]

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