Algerian premier: ' willing to settle the disputes with Morocco '

Neighbouring Algeria opens the door for talks for the benefit of a better relationship.

The Algerian Prime Minister was recently in an interview with Ashark Al Aswat ended the relationship with neighbouring Morocco. The Prime Minister recognises that there is indeed in Rabat and Alger over certain matters but that that the dialogue doesn't get in the way. For the benefit of a stable Maghreb region, the premier also out to the friendly nation to about plenty of business come closer.

This statement is completely in line with the impending visit of the Prime Minister to Saudi Arabia. The country has taken a mediating role in the talks between Morocco and Algeria. One of the sticking points in relations is the Sahara issue, the Algerians claim support the Polisario movement that the Sahara at the expense of Morocco.

In addition, it is hoped to reach consensus on the economic front, just think of the export and import of fuel and many foreign issues such as the turmoil in the Middle East.

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