3-year-old child reunited with mother after abduction of father to England

Unfortunately, as is more common in a failed marriage was also the child the final victim.

What a happy marriage had to be ended in a traumatic experience for the three-year-old Saif. Child from a Moroccan mother living in Marrakesh and a Pakistani father who resides in Great Britain, he was taken away from his mother for no less than three months.

The mother in question, Fatima Zahra, married in 2014 officially with the father of her child. A year after Saif. Soon they find out that the man she met in 2008 for the first time a secret past behind. He turned out to be married to be in London and all three children. On top of that he did not bother his wife and Saif in the cost for their daily life, the marriage soon came under stress.

The story went that the father during one of his vacations in Morocco the son had picked up at his mother to take him to the swimming pool. When after a time the father the infant still had not reduced the alarm bells started to ring. With the intervention of a foundation dedicated to Arabic-speaking women in England, led by the Moroccan Souad Talsi, Julie came to the discovery that her son was with his father in England.

Through the courts was eventually enforced that the father was not entitled to the custody of his son. Both the passport of Saif and his father were seized, Souad Talsi in the end made sure that the child was reunited with his mother in Marrakech.