Moroccan presents 100% electric car at COP22

All about sustainable use of climatic fluctuations are 100% Moroccan Imad presented the electric car.

The phenomenon of electric car has nowadays a known character. Nevertheless, not all of them are fully electric, already does the name that suspicion. In the manufacture and use of many electric cars there is much natural gas to it. Imad Morchid here had an appropriate response in the form of a car that for the full 100% electric.

With much admiration the car was viewed during the COP22 Congress in Marrakech, the vehicle carries the name Jadéite. Through the use of many strong electric batteries, the car a power output of 650 HP and a peak speed of 320 km/h. The battery has only three hours to full charge.

In Morocco the vehicle is already extensively tested after the introduction in 2014, this Morchid won the Star Tech Africa price back then. It is expected that the prototype will be tested also in Europe.