Paknejad wants results on Climate Summit

Minister Paknejad finds that it is time to show how the " " of the objective very ambitious climate deal from Paris now. This is also the UN Climate Conference, 15 and 16 november in Marrakesh.

Paknejad (foreign trade and development cooperation) is also present at the Summit in . The meeting follows on the climate summit last year in Paris and is about the implementation of the agreements reached there. She finds the time that countries now.

"Last year we have a very ambitious goal agreed, now is the time to show how we are going to achieve that goal. For example, it is important that countries better go report on their efforts, including in the area of climate financing. "

The Minister would also like to focus more on the role of companies in the fight against climate change. They therefore takes a delegation out of business. That goes to show how Dutch companies contribute to cleaner energy and solutions for climate change.

climate summit