The apartment comes fully-light 7 unemployed women in Tiflet

A couple in Tiflet has seven women ripped off. They promised them, in Exchange for large sums of money, jobs in Saudi Arabia or in the Royal armed forces (FAR).

Accused of defrauding job seekers became a couple in Tiflet arrested by the judicial police. The spouses were then brought before the public prosecutor at the Court in Khemisset the woman and her husband are respectively 50 and 60 years old. The couple had a number of people promised to arrange a job in Saudi Arabia or in the Royal armed forces (FAR) in Morocco, Al Massae today.According to the newspaper started it all when seven women submitted a complaint to the Attorney General in the district Khemisset. The seven victims claimed that a particular woman, in the presence of her husband, had assured them that they had a number of acquaintances who could guarantee them a job. The woman had them also asked for a cash advance money, ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 dirham. The suspect also had the same amount borrowed from a victim, with the promise to her. A few days later left the suspects Tiflet, accompanied by her husband, to an unknown destination. Take a few days wait the seven victims eventually decided to file a complaint with the Court.The judicial police started an investigation into the couple who just lived incognito in a house in Tiflet. At the time of their arrest denied the couple in all tonalities. The suspect confessed during the interrogation that they have seven victims scammed by them ye fictitious jobs promise against large sums of money.