Man in Fez occurs if agent and search people

In Morocco you can expect everything, so also in FES.

Recently there appeared in a court in Fez a 50-year-old man to court. Him hangs a heavy penalty, the best Sir is suspected to have spent itself unjustly agent.

In cafes in FES gave the man out for undercover agent and he gave that, in Exchange for an x amount of money, he does have a blind eye could pinch if someone was in possession of illegal substances such as drugs. The nepagent kept large amounts to about here, he reportedly attended several cafés in FES.

This went well until one in a café and got the company manager of suspicion was turned on. He not and informed the police. From the search for the man revealed that he already occurred earlier in the judicial files related to scams and theft. He can look forward to a hefty prison sentence.