CIA warns Daesh Morocco for the inflow of fighters from Libya

The Moroccan security services are on edge after a serious tip.

For the security services in Morocco is a higher State of alert. Recently they got from the CIA warning that there is an increased chance that its forces from Libya Morocco Daesh let intrusion, according to the Moroccan medium Al Massae.

All for that warning reinforced its border guards at Mauritania Morocco, this is also the place what the US label as a risk area by the Daesh-sympathizers. Now one will need to take even stricter security measures given the fighters on very sophisticated way the border try to pass. To stick to the attention of border surveillance, provide most fighters for a status as a trader or businessman. Libya, Tunisia and Algeria as they come through the country undetected.

These possible outflow towards Morocco would include the result of the intensification of bombardments by the US on the Daesh area in Libya.