Arab television channels straining case against beIN Sports

The Arab television channels steps to the Court of arbitration and sports.

The Qaterese sports channel has a lot of anger on Sports influence brought by her Arab colleagues. The transmitter has the broadcast rights for most African leagues and asks for this amounts to other televisiezonders astronomer. The African football CAF who has sold these rights to beIN Sport got in may all the request of several African channels to intervene, but gave not to.

Now have different African countries, which unite in the USBU, taken the initiative to address the matter later on and the corridor to make it to the highest sports court, the bag, which is based in Switzerland. There they will try to force beIN Sports broadcasting rights for the next Africa Cup provided free of charge to countries so that they can at least the tournament in their own country.

To illustrate: the Moroccan broadcasting SNRT would for the rights of the African Cup as much as $1 million should make it to the Qaterese transmitter. And this would then only for national rights, European recipients should the tournament through a different channel. The USBU thinks a strong case to have as there are favorable case law for this kind of business. In Europe, too, one had a similar issue, eventually got the rights for football associations continental tournaments for free at their disposal.

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