Berlinale film festival highlight Moroccan cinema

The prestigious Berlinale film festival, which in Berlin from 9 to 19 February will be held, will be a selection of Moroccan filmmakers such as Ahmed Balboa, Mohamed Afifi and Ahmed Maanouni.

The famous and international film festival Berlinale welcomed each year more than 335,000 visitors from 122 countries and shows about 400 films a year. The festival shows films of every genre, length and format.The festival will highlight this year the Moroccan cinema and films by filmmakers such as Ahmed Bouanini, Mohamed Afifi and Ahmed Maanouni, reports TelQuel.Ali Essafi, film director and consultant for the Berlinale, told TelQuel "this program is in the process to be completed, but the idea is to show full-length and short films by pioneering Moroccan filmmakers which in their era. "Berlinale-Director Christoph Terhechte allegedly traveled to Morocco looking for Moroccan talent. "He was impressed with the quality of the work, and that was the moment that he decided to screen these movies" tells Essafi to TelQuel.[video = youtube; Gk05SIeYdnE] v = Gk05SIeYdnE [/video]

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