Terror suspect refuses interrogation in the presence Abrini FBI

' The man with the hat, ' during the attacks on airport Zaventem refuses interrogation.

Mohamed Abrini responsible is held for direct involvement in the attacks on airport Zaventem and Brussels of 22 March, refuses to cooperate during his interrogations if the American FBI in this security service is present. Unlike the other terrorists blew themselves on Abrini, was the heaviest load explosives found in his luggage.

By the attacks were a total of 32 deaths, in addition Abrini is also partly blamed for what took place in Paris on 13 november. This because he two days before the bloody attacks there together with the other main suspect, Salah Abdeslam, was filmed at a gas station on the highway to Paris.

Ever since his arrest so is Abrini in Belgium. After first still somewhat to have granted for the interrogations keeps Abrini by the presence of the FBI are tight-lipped Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, said the Moroccan media.

mohamed abrini