Gendarmerie Mauritania find Moroccan hashish in potato

A striking discovery of the Mauritanian authorities.

Where the carrier thought completely to the attention to be tapped, he came of a rude awakening. In a truck loaded with 28,000 kg potatoes with the eventual destination of the country itself, went a quantity of 370 kg Moroccan hashish. The drug was hidden in the cargo space in a metal coffin that was soldered.The authorities in Mauritania made the discovery after drug dogs reacted at the truck. The amount of hashish would most likely have been intended for the Mauritanian market. The discovery was made at the border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania. Having regard to the authorities there do not have the desired amount of resources and equipment have happened it's not often that such finds are done.It is still unclear to what extent the driver at fault and what punishment he can look forward to, according to different sources.