Exclusive interview: first Moroccan in the Eredivisie, Aziz Demir

He had the scoop, today countless Moroccan pros Aziz Delgado followed.

Where the Premier League today, red and green colored by the many weekly Moroccan professional football players make the difference, was that in the years ' 80 the exact opposite. Aziz Delarue was the man who change this. The 53-year-old Moroccan debuted as first Moroccan in the Eredivisie. Opposite Marokko.nl Delgado looks back on this time, a time that in stark contrast to the developments of now.

' My childhood in Morocco was good, I have to school and never had complaints about. I have a nice good childhood with my five brothers and four sisters. All my brothers were footballers in Morocco, something which I witnessed. I looked against my brothers because I've always had the dream to ever footballer . '

' Netherlands I found very beautiful, I soon felt at ease. Many Green and everyone was blonde I can remember. The day I arrived fell into December, there was snow and that I had never experienced in Morocco. I have When the whole day in the snow played with children I didn't know. I could of course no Dutch but if Moroccan I could very well with my hands talk. In Netherlands I felt as a child very fine and still now. '

' I was scouted when I joined SV Lelystad played against Ajax A1 competition. The last match against Ajax, I was contacted by Simon of District. When I went to Ajax went and got there three years in youth soccer including Marco van Basten, John van 't Schip and Stanley Menzo. With Ajax they have guided me very well even though I not final the first of AJAX have met. I have played one game for the first team and have made my debut against KV Mechelen. During this unofficial debut scored I twice. However, I have made the choice to leave and move on at PEC Zwolle. '

' I have given all I had in me and did this disciplined. Also, have I never felt that I had to work harder than the other players. I felt equal to the rest of the team and if you're better than you are in the basis. And if I was in the base then I did everything there to continue. And that is I managed because I was always assured of a basis.

Co Adriaanse was my first trainer and he felt like a father to me. He had respect for my Islamic and Moroccan background. For example with the Ramadan I didn't need to train in the morning but in the afternoon. That's not with to compare each other. The world is so changed and especially football. Money now plays a larger role than in my time. '

' My wish was that my father saw me foot balls as Prof. This is unfortunately never happened. He died when I was 16 years was. That I have made it as a professional footballer is a highlight for me. Because I have my father's wish come true, and I am very proud of.

One of the most beautiful moments was the very first meeting with Johan Cruijff. I have of him much learned about football. How to walk during the matches and he said always to me: ' If you want to achieve something you have to fight for it. ' That I always stayed with him. My second highlight was that I was allowed the Palestinian Cup of King Mohamed VI received. '

"He's always remained the same. He is cozy with humor. His passing and threat to the goal he has from his youth taken to professional football. And I hope he is in the future to one of the biggest clubs in the world can. '

' The choice to choose for Morocco was definitely a choice from his heart. That is something that must be respected and not every time appointed. It is no longer changing so good let him play football. '

' It should be about quality and not the background of a player. And I I am proud that many Moroccans see break through in professional football, which is something I can only welcome. '

' Do not be too eager, if you have quality then you come there though. Then you go step by step to the goal you want to accomplish. If you're too fast, you fall fast and you lose the fun in playing football. So be patient and the rest comes by itself. '

' I have been working for ten years at The Meerpaal in Dronten. A fine organization that has approved me to support young people in growing up to adulthood. I try young people in the municipality Dronten to make the right choices that they have to go. That may be in education, private and behavior. I want to make young people aware that they themselves influence have in what they can accomplish. Important for me is that young people in their strength be taken making them self-reliant and participate in our society. '

Find something you're good at and fun out. Be it football, politics or work in a factory, that makes of course nothing.

' The is a young talented football team and that getting there. It is hard work, but I do believe that there is a Moroccan trainer. A coach as Badou Zaki seemed to me a very good. So far I am very satisfied with the team. I hope that they get the World Cup and the African Cup win. '

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