Berkane: two suicides in the same neighborhood in 24 hours

A young man of 24 and an older man of 50 years from the same neighborhood in a ward in Berkane have committed suicide.

The 24-year-old young man showered himself with gasoline in the Al Mouqawama in the Orange City. To make matters worse he decided to light the stuff and to deprive himself of life. This he did in his own home. He was rushed to the hospital but there could Adourak they are third degree burns. Doctors decided him to the Al-Farabi hospital in Oujda, let Al Massae today know.

There they could not save his life. It is not yet known why he committed suicide. At the 50th victim is already quite clear why he committed suicide. He hung himself on Sunday in the same neighborhood where the young man lived. Sources say across from the newspaper that the father of several children in a difficult family situation wrong and this could not suppress.