World Health Organization happy: "Morocco has eradicated trachoma '

Trachoma, the leading cause of blindness in the world, is as good as completely eradicated in Morocco.

That leaves the World Health Organisation (WHO) know in a statement last Tuesday. Morocco is only the second country in the world that has eliminated trachoma. Morocco struggles since 1997 against the bacterial eye infection that thousands of inhabitants of Zagora and Ouarzazate. They received antibiotic treatments and had to undergo operations.

The disease came mainly in poor areas in the South of Morocco where no running water. The prevalence of the disease is now dropped to 0.2%, while that between 30 and 70%. ' This is a significant achievement for public health in Morocco ', said Margaret Chan, Director of WHO. ' It shows that there is a strong political will for education, promotion and monitoring of the disease. The most outstanding is the mobilization of the community in order to overcome this debilitating disease. '

Morocco was helped by the program WHO SAFE. It offers a full range of interventions against trachoma and antibiotics to treat the infection. The disease is mainly transmitted by contact with the eye or the runny nose of infected people. Especially young children in 42 countries, the disease on.