Life for murder of basketball player Chabab Rif Al Hoceima

The Court of appeal of Al Hoceima has spoken out about the case in which a former basketball player has been murdered.

Tuesday found the ruling place, reports the newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribiya. The accused was found guilty and received life for the premeditated murder. He also has 500,000 dirham to pay compensation to the wife of the deceased. A logical verdict, claims the writer of the article. The assailant attacked the former basketball player of Chabab Rif Al Hoceima in a hotel in the Centre of the city.

The victim worked after his career as a guardian of the band and was rushed to the hospital after the stabbing. There he died of his wounds in the face and knee. After committing the murder he fled after which the police could deal with him quickly.

al hoceima
chabab rif al hoceima