Shocking details about Moroccan that Koran defiled

Last Thursday was a woman in the Lissasfa neighborhood in Casablanca arrested because of the dishonor of the Koran.

The woman turns out to be a repeat offender who was si7r much. The forty year old woman after her arrest was interrogated and that took care of shocking details, sign Le360. The woman is married to a 76-year-old man with whom she tried with all his might to father children with the ultimate aim of getting hold of real estate.

To do this she served male seed and blood from her period to mix and to smear on a Koran. This they had to through worshippers to the imam. The morbid Act tried them at several mosques. The police had warned after an imam and the camera images were viewed they saw the woman ' rituals ' run.

The woman was wearing a burqa and during searches were found that other materials were used for the si7r. The police carries out research to accomplices.

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