Mika ' Zero ' is upheld after seizure truck with plastic

The Moroccan authorities banned are plenty of hunting to producers of plastic.

It is in Morocco to a true headache file degenerated for the Government and the local authorities, the illegal manufacture of plastics. Recently one in Morocco has a zero-tolerance policy on all forms of illegal production rock hard rewarding risk-taking on the basis of the new N 77-15 law. As experienced also an illegal producer in the village of Titt-Mellil near the economic capital Casablanca.

The local gendarmerie got a suspicious vehicle in the visor. At standing posture and search it encountered one on more than 1,300 kg illegally manufactured plastic. This gave cause for suspicion. At a later stage, after approval for house search, were found in the House of the suspect a different amount of plastic. It was going to be as many as 850 kg.

Three other people were in the building at that time were also drained. They will soon have to answer in front of the judge, according to the Moroccan news agency MAP.

zero mika