Said Sadeghi soon to guest on ' Ach t3awed ' by Le360 (video)

The Moroccan chaabi singer Sadeghi can soon exhausts in an interview.

Said Sadeghi has a difficult time behind the back. The chaabi singer was recently to the pillory nailed by a leaked video that he was extorted years earlier. At the time, come to an agreement in which he would have paid a substantial amount for not-publish, leaked the controversial video anyway.

In a previous video message responded the singer al very emotional on all the comments he got from the country. This time he will also vent about this during an interview with the Moroccan medium Le360. In the series ' Ach t3awed, presented by Imad Ntifi, where already many well-known Moroccans went for him he will do his word.

Below is a brief teaser of the conversation which allegedly will come online today or tomorrow on the YouTube channel of Le360. [video = youtube; 4_ieX-KX4Hs] v = 4_ieX-KX4Hs [/video]

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