Moroccans help mother who lost money for drugs (video)

A Moroccan mother sat with her hands in the hair after they lost when they 35,000 dirham medications for her son wanted to buy.

Fortunately, the mother could count on the internet and a group of helpers. The wave of solidarity came about after the mother did her complaint in a video. The drug, called Tasigna became, costing about 35,000 dirham and is for her 28-year-old son who blood cancer. Her video was massively shared after which the donations having apologised. These came not only from Morocco, but also from France, Belgium and even Canada.

They touched her bag also lost in Casablanca when she was en route to Tangier.

[video = youtube; n50WwNtPdXo] v = n50WwNtPdXo [/video]

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